An aura is an invisible emanation energy field that surrounds all living things such as a rock or piece of furniture.

The name Aura comes from the Greek word Avra (which means) Breeze.

The energies flowing through our auras can reflect our personalities, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions as well your aura can reveal your mental, physical and spiritual well-being

The aura reflects the activity of our organs, health, mental activity and emotional state, which in turn can show disease - often long before the onset of physical symptoms.

The strength and properties of an aura are determined by the amount of, and the quality of, the energies flowing through  it that can be seen as different colours.

The aura is sometimes referred to as a halo, which has been seen over many years in drawings, paintings, and ancient pictures from Egypt, India, Greece and Italy as well as being mentioned in the scared books of every civilization.

The main colors of the aura emanate from the primary energy centres (major chakras - or psychic centres).The individual bands of color are difficult to see, unless you have very well- developed auric sight, and are observing under optimum conditions.


The Etheric Aura:

Close to the skin is the etheric aura. This is often called "The vitality sheath". It is seen (with auric sight) as a pale,narrow band, next to the skin, outlining the body. This is usually no more than half an inch wide - depending upon the vitality of the subject. It looks like a dense layer of pale smoke, clinging to the skin. This is the visible part of the energy body, in it's contracted state.

During sleep, the etheric aura expands and opens (becoming larger and finer) in order to absorb and store vitality (cosmic energy?) within it. After sleep, the energy body contracts and forms a dense sheath surrounding the body,close to the skin. This holds within it the stored energies we all need for living.

In a way, the energy body is like a living storage battery. During sleep, it automatically sets itself on recharge, replacing the energies that have been used up.


Energy Centres (chakras):

The primary energy centres (chakras) are the non-physical organs of the energy body. There are at least seven primary centres, and over three hundred secondary and minor centres, scattered throughout the human body. All together, they form a complex network of non-physical energy components. These are all joined together by interconnecting
pathways, or meridians.

These centres, and their interconnecting pathways (meridians) were charted by the Chinese, and other Eastern races, thousands of years ago. Modern versions of these charts are still widely used today, in many types of alternative       medicine and body work, i.e., acupuncture and reflexology.

Primary energy centres are attached to major internal organs, glands, nerve ganglia and the spinal cord. Secondary and minor energy centres are attached to joints, glands and nerve clusters, throughout the body.

There are active centres - transforming and manipulating energy - feeding other energy centres and taking care of life processes - both physical and non-physical. There are storage centres, communication centres, and centres designed to absorb energy from other energy sources around us.

Some energy sources: Food, water, oxygen, sunlight, planetary energy,cosmic energy, love, sex, music. Some of these energy sources are very subtle, but all are necessary for us to live a balanced life.

Energy centres are invisible to the naked eye but can be felt, quite strongly, when they are active (as a pulsing,thrumming sensation).
When energy is consciously drawn from one centre to another, through the connecting meridians, this can be felt as: rushing water sensation, a spreading warmth, a tingling feeling, or a combination of these. Energy centres (chakras) can also be seen - with auric and clairvoyant sight - as whirling vortexes of intensely colored light).

Every energy centre has important individual functions, in the energy body. It also works in conjunction with all the other major and minor centres. Each centre is an individual, but integral part of the energy body. They all work together, for the good of the whole energy body; just as all the physical organs, brain, heart, liver, kidneys, glands, etc, work together for the good of the whole physical body.

The energy body is extremely complex. It is, in a way, similar to an electronic device. Energy flows into the electronic  device, and on through connecting pathways (meridians) that are etched into the circuit board. These connecting pathways (meridians) carry energy on to all it's electronic components, (chakras), diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc. Energy is continually being changed, enhanced and transformed, by these components; to serve a multitude of different purposes, required by the device, as a whole unit, to function properly.

A single energy centre, is very much like a single electronic component. It takes in energy from the components around it, and changes the value of it. It enhances this energy, in various ways, transforming it into something different, that is needed by the whole unit.

Each energy centre (chakra) takes in the different types of energy it requires, from other energy centres in the energy   body, and generates a completely different type of energy - with a different value and color - according to what is required.

The strength of each primary energy centre, in any particular person, depends upon that person's individual makeup;their nature, health and life style, as well as their spiritual, moral and psychic development.
The energy generated by all the chakras at once, is reflected into the aura, mixing together and causing the dominant hue of the aura. This, dominant hue, is the part of the aura most commonly seen with auric sight.