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Come sit down and enjoy your Mediumship Session with International Psychic/Medium Lenore

Welcome come on in to my Session room.

It can all be a bit scarry for the first time when coming for a Mediumship/Psychic session.

I hope this will help to put your mind at ease as it is always nicer to know where you are going and what to expect.

This is my room that I work from when inviting you to take part in a One to One Mediumship/Psychic session in Christchurch or Phone/Skype or maybe an Online sessions.

My clients as I myself find my session room very relaxing.

There are a number of bonuses such as eftpos to make payment or gifts to buy such as my beautiful range of LeySense Pure Essential Perfumes ~ Oils and Oil Blends.

I also have a small range of Incense and the Song of India range of perfume, Silk Scarves,

Leather Purses/Wallets etc so come along and explore for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you soon

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