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How Do I Meditate?

Where is the best place to have quiet time?
Back to Nature

I quite often get asked about how to meditate this is different for everybody as some

people like a quiet place as other can do any place they choice.

It may be at home enjoying nature

At home enjoying nature

Watching & Listening to Birds

At night enjoying the moonlight

Away camping enjoying the sound of wildlife & natures sounds.

Enjoying the pur of your much loved cat

It is all about You!

It's up to you to pick a place and time that feels right for you.

Sit Quite -Take a Deep Breath - Unwind

Everyone does it different there is no right or wrong way

Light a Candle

  • You could Listen to some Music

  • Light a Candle

  • Burn some Incense or Essential Oils

  • Ask for Protection

  • Close your Eyes Sit or Lie down

  • Think of a place you Enjoy

Don't worry if you don't see or feel anything as long as you have had some quiet time

to unwind and relax that's what's important because in the end

It's All About You

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