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Whos The Special Visitor Calling In To See you?

Spiritual Love

We sometimes forget our wee furry friends are aware of loved ones that may pop in & out around us daily.

You can see the spirit of a man looking through the window and in the lower left hand side you can see a spirit dog in purple
Yes they are around us

You may see them watching something that you can not see or reacting in different ways.

I took this photo with no one in front of me

Just because we cannot see anything doesn't mean there is nothing there.

So next time you see your pet reacting to what you think is nothing, bear in mind

that most likely you have an unseen visitor come to call.

Nature In Action

There is much more going on around you.

If you take the time to listen & be still you may be surprised by what you hear or see.

Don't forget our loving furry friends give out so much healing they are always ready to please and love you.

Enjoy the seen and unseen around you

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